Gold in uganda . F.C.O. Full Corporate Offer AU: Gold Bar Dore unrefined Carats: 22.54 ( 23 carats) Purity: from 94+% to 96% Origin: uganda and congo Available Stock: In most every case there is enough to supply to the Buyer’s needs.- Sellers own the mines that produce Gold . Please note: Gold is not for C.I.F. – Cost Insurance and Freight alone that is normal buyer has to pay shipping cost 1% insurance 1% = 2% on total sale value. This is F.O.B. bank to bank payment after initial assay. Buyer pay $ 100.00 per kilo assay the gold to the local refinery using their facility find out the quality of the gold before buyer pay. Note: procedures are very clear there are no surprises and everything has been explained very clear and they are very simple. Buyer has to pay the gold before he pay shipping cost and insurance. Do not travel without invitation, base of your order in a form of L.O.I Letter of intent to purchase coming the buyer itself for us to validate how serious is the buyer. AGOLDMIND to be with you on the ground to assist you so that you would not encounter any issue. Selling Price: Is based on LBMA less discount 8% tax inclusive. Note: you are buying unrefined which is 94%+ to 96% gold bar Dore Refined mean gold bullion 99.99% less 2% Method of Payment: F.O.B. Bank to Bank payment. The Seller confirms that each consignment will be accompanied by the following documents: 1. Commercial invoice in original, and three 3 copies all duly signed and made out to the Buyer: 2. Certificate of Origin issued by producers’ country of authority: ( where applicable.) 3. Certificate of Ownership confirming the product to be free of all liens, taxes and encumbrances (where applicable) 4. Export license Permit: (where applicable.) 5.Initial Assay Report from a recognized Government Assayer. 6. Airway Bill addressed to Buyer or C/O to consignee where the gold is to be assayed. 7.Insurance Certificate 8. Declaration from CUSTOM’S stating that the product is free and clear, of non-criminal Origin, unencumbered and free of any liens, is transferable and exportable. Buyer Requirements: L.O.I. Letter of intent confirmed coming from the main buyer as seller requirement. Note: The SPA will only be sent once the Buyer has been Validated and/or Verified, at which point will help us as to how to proceed with the contract that will be issued. To expedite matters, It would be made much easier to secure gold if you have cash available in your bank account that is verifiable. @ Buyer name @ Company Name @ Address @ Tel. No. Email, SKYPE id, and/or WHATSAPP number. @ Buyer refinery name account address of destination contact number etc. @ Quantity must be stated on buyer L.O.I @The Gold and diamond business are not for credit. C.I.F offers, LC,SBLC, or Blocked Funds are not accepted, and will be rejected. @ This is F.O.B Bank to Bank money transfers immediately after the gold has been initially assayed. @ Proof of funds in the form of a bank statement to prove that you are a serious buyer. @ Proof of product shall be provided when you make reservations based on your specific order. The seller will then issue a full invitation to travel together with the manadte if avilable. Note: When the buyer sends his or her formal letter of intent to buy then that is the time we address the letter of confirmation to the Buyer based on the L.O.I.

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