Welcome to Agoldmind

Agold mindis a licensed Mineral mining and selling company based in Democratic Republic of Congo and with operational offices in Uganda. We specialize in buying and selling of gold,

Is to make profitable production of gold, diamonds and other minerals which we mine and also deal in.We strive to attain this as a company, societies and individuals.

How we do:
With a vast number of mines located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we use open pit and underground operations for mining.we are highly committed to safety, employee wellbeing and protection of the environment.
Incase the need gold by the buyers is more than what we have in store we then go out to the other miners and mines for more gold

Why is our gold cheap

We don’t believe our gold is cheap at all 35000$ is not small money but according to the world wide price there is a 10000usd gap or profit the gold we sell at this price is brought to us by gold miners who want quick money out of there gold

A day we can recieve about 40-50 people who sell to us there gold

Why you should trade with us

Unlike other gold sellers we do our transactions according to how you feel convenient and nothing is done behind your back

We provide a transport service to all our buyers from the airport to the gold refinery of their choice

Security of our clients is the number on priority that’s why we offer the transportation and security will be available till the last transaction are made

Contact us

Or contact or marketing director on

+256757212530 watspp

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